Children and Concussion


Concussion among children and adults are an all too common occurrence involving residents of the Greater Toronto Area. 


People may suffer a brain injury in a variety of situations, including while playing sports, as a result of a fall and in motor vehicle accidents. The severity of an injury of this nature will vary from person to person depending on multiple factors including the age and physical condition of the person before the injury occurred. While readers may be aware of how devastating a serious injury of this nature - sometimes referred to as a traumatic brain injury can be, even milder forms - concussions - should be monitored closely. This is particularly true where children are concerned.

Concussions can be problematic in people of all ages. While no two people experience concussions exactly the same way, symptoms in children could manifest themselves in four different ways.

The first affects the person's mental state. A child who is suffering from a concussion might find it difficult to concentrate or experience fogginess.

Second, they may experience physical symptoms such as dizziness nausea or headaches. Additionally, they could be more sensitive to light and noise.

Next, their sleep might be impacted. This could lead to either sleeping more than usual, or having difficulties getting any sleep at all.

Last, children may experience, and demonstrate, different behaviours such as sadness, anger, anxiety, nervousness or irritability.

When a child is a victim of a head injury, the sooner medical attention is sought, the better. Understanding it can take time for them to recover -- ranging from days to months -- is important. The treatment instructions provided by a medical professional should be followed and your child should slowly ease back into the everyday activities he or she was previously involved in, when they feel able. While the best course of action is of course to take safety precautions to avoid a concussion, there are situations where negligence on the part of others could cause them to occur. When they do, proper treatment is the best chance for a full recovery.


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