Sponsorship: Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN)

Legal Justice Education

Gluckstein Lawyers' sponsorship of High School Law Teacher, Vivian Garofalo, was made possible through OJEN, the Ontario Justice Education Network's Educator Support Department Initiative.

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The recipient, Vivian Garofalo, a high school law teacher with the York Region District School Board is well-versed in OJEN's classroom resources and has participated in their professional development workshops over the years.

Garofalo's secondment with OJEN provided her the opportunity to develop two initiatives through OJEN's Educator Support Department;

  1. high school classroom resources;
  2. teacher training webinars.

Garofalo's classroom resources focus on immigration and refugee law, two fields that Garofalo has a passion for. These resources incorporate a variety of learning strategies, including case studies, critical thinking and exploring social, economic and cultural influences; all of which have played a part in determining Canada's immigration and refugee polices.

In addition to her high school classroom resources, Garofalo developed a series of webinars for teacher training; covering topics from criminal, civil and administrative law to international law.


What is OJEN?


OJEN is dedicated to promoting understanding, education, and dialogue to support a responsive and inclusive justice system.


1. Foster public understanding of the justice system and the challenges it faces.

2. Support and encourage the values of a public, transparent and accessible justice system through research and education.

3. Encourage dialogue between justice system participants and the public.

4. Develop, coordinate, or deliver justice education information and programs to students and others.


Education is the foundation of our society

We truly believe that education is the foundation of our society, and we sincerely appreciate everything Garofalo has done in educating her students and colleagues. Gluckstein Lawyers are passionate about education, which is why we proudly supported Garofalo's secondment with OJEN and justice education.


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