What a Wonderful Year!

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December 11, 2014

Wow! 2014 has been an incredible year for Gluckstein Lawyers! When reflecting on this year, we have such appreciation; thank you for all your support; for attending, or participating in the many Gluckstein events, initiatives, contests and more throughout this year.

We strive to ensure we are enhancing our understanding, compassion and commitment to those we serve. We continually support causes that we feel make a difference in the lives of those touched by personal injury.

As a firm we have participated in and sponsored many fantastic fundraising events and initiatives; from the Annual Toronto Collaborative Neuroscience Symposium (TCNS), co-sponsorship of the SCI Ontario Peer Support Program, Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation's Snowflakes & Angels Campaign to hosting a Gluckstein Scavenger Hunt in support of Three To Be, to name a few.


In the Spring of this year, Charles Gluckstein completed his term as the acting President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA).


In the Summer, we hosted our first annual Gluckstein Performance Driving Gift Experience event. ABI, SCI survivors and visually impaired individuals had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a race car at Old Mosport, going over 140 kilometers per hour. Each participant took their victory lap to demonstrate their triumph over adversity. Journalist, Jim Robinson of wheels.ca wrote:

"One magical moment ... may have just opened a whole new world to people with disabilities. Not just in Ontario, but around the world."



In the Fall, our  Compassion Fatigue Seminar held was the most successful to date! With the high calibre presenter, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, to the engaged attendees, everyone who attended this dynamic one day seminar left with a variety of ways to effectively address and combat stress and it's harmful consequences. Most notably this year, both Bernard & Charles Gluckstein were recognized and awarded for their contributions in this industry and community. Bernard Gluckstein was honoured with the King Clancy Humanitarian Award. Bernard was the first personal injury lawyer in Canada to receive this prestigious honour. This award is presented to distinguished Canadians who have made significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle. The firm could not be more proud of Bernard's accomplishments, he truly represents Gluckstein Lawyers' mission.


Charles Gluckstein was awarded the esteemed 2014 LEXPERT Zenith Awards celebrating Leading Lawyers in Practice Excellence. Charles was the only Personal Injury Lawyer to receive this award which is given to those who set a new standard for their profession, in particular those who make important contributions in the form of thought leadership in their community.


We are thrilled to share these momentous achievements with you all, as both Bernard and Charles were honoured for their values and accomplishments, that as a firm we continuously strive for.



This year, we have decided to sponsor a new initiative, Jacoub's Camp, in lieu of sending our holiday calendar.  This is to honour our client, The Favila Family, Jacoub, his memory and most importantly, a reminder for responsible driving this holiday season. The first Jacoub's Camp Day will be held on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. We hope to see you there!

As we move from one year to the next, we would like to extend our best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. From all of us at Gluckstein Lawyers, wishing you all the best this Holiday Season!


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